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Renault Laguna II 1.9 dCi 122KS Authentiqe 2003. god

Renault Laguna first appeared on the market at the end of 1993 and has been produced in three generations so far. In this issue, we will present the second generation Laguna 1.9dCi, whose production began in 2000 and lasted until 2007. During those seven years, it even experienced a restyling, in 2005, when it was visually “refreshed”, especially when it comes to the interior.

Over 15 different aggregates

The second-generation lagoon is characterized by a rather bold design that has attracted both great attention and criticism. However, at first glance, this model leaves a positive impression, because it is simply different from its competition. The wide range of engines, with over 15 different units, has made Renault LagunaII highly positioned with customers. Gasoline engines range from 1.6 with 112hp 117hp, 1.8 with 120hp, 2.0 with 137hp, 142, 165 and 172 and 208hp, and 3.0 V6 with 213hp. In the diesel variant, 1.9 with 93, 102, 112, 122 and 132 hp can be found, as well as 2.0 with 152 and 177 hp, but 2.2 with 152 hp. Know more about auto diler me.

The 1.9 dCi engine proved to be durable, grateful, but also quite “lively” considering that it is a car that weighs 1,360 kg. Also, this unit is very agile and we can freely say that it pulls well even at lower revs, which is why the six-speed, manual transmission is especially deserving.

French comfort and functionality

This model boasts very practical solutions when it comes to the interior, because it has many partitions, as well as a more than functional layout of controls. Because of all that, the car is driven with pleasure, and if we mention the widely known French comfort, which adorns this Renault model, then a comfortable ride is guaranteed on longer distances.

The only complaint is a little less legroom on the back seat, so a few more people may have trouble sitting, because they will touch the roof of the car with their head. Please note that the luggage space is more than spacious, well-designed, so the utilization is a maximum of 430 liters, while with the fall of the rear bench, it amounts to as much as 1,340 liters.

In its basic equipment Authentiqe, Laguna on the list of equipment has ABS, 6 airbags, engine start card with remote control central locks, immobilizer, electrically adjustable mirrors, power windows, trip computer, air conditioning, CD player … so like this rich package of equipment, even in the basic version, in many ways attracts buyers of this used car.


What you should pay attention to when buying a used RenaultLaguna is the condition of the turbine, which is somewhat more sensitive, but also to the EGR valve (valve for regulating exhaust gases). Also, Manan’s model is the sensitivity of the front trap to the impact holes, so the lower wheel balls are the first to suffer. models have a card taped with duct tape, because making duplicates is quite expensive and costs up to 150 euros.

Renault LagunaII 1.9 dCi 122KSAuthentiqe from 2003 can be bought on our market at a price of around 3,000 euros, but also cheaper depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Technical characteristics:

Engine: 4cyl 8V 1.870ccm dCi intercooler
Power: 89kW – 122 hp
Transmission – 6 speed manual

Torque: 270Nm at 2,000rpm
Maximum speed: 202km / h
Acceleration 0-100km / h: 10.7se kundi Consumption
– city: 7.7l

angradska – 4.6l
rose – 5.5l

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