Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Toyota Corolla Cross 2022, the SUV variant arrives in Europe

The Toyota Corolla Cross arrives in Europe! After having proven its effectiveness in Japan for a couple of years, the brand has decided to launch it to the rest of the world. With it, the recently remodeled Corolla family is completed with all its possible variants (saloon, sedan, family and SUV).

It is presented as a hybrid, like all the versions of the family , alternating in size between the RAV4 and the CH-R, always above the Yaris Cross and thus completing the brand’s SUV offer. Know more about Cadillac ne shitje.

Aesthetically it is very similar to its Japanese predecessor, although with slight tweaks to its headlights and grille, which is now much more prominent. It maintains its measurements , but with 9 cm more length than the Corolla tourism and much higher.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters
  4,46 1,82 1,62 2,64 487

Despite its hybridization, it still has an important trunk , larger than that of the Corolla saloon, although it does not reach the size of the Touring Sport variants . In addition, it provides better access due to its low loading threshold and a wide-opening tailgate.

With elevated connectivity and optimized systems

The roominess of the Corolla Cross is clearly better than that of the car, with prominent head restraints, exceptional visibility , considerable front and rear legroom, and very comfortable access thanks to its large doors.

Passive safety has been improved by incorporating a new central airbag in the front that will prevent front seat occupants from colliding with each other in side collisions.

The safety of the Corolla Cross is guaranteed with the incorporation of the “Toyota Safety Sense” aids :

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Junction Entry Assistant
  • Enhanced Smart Cruise Control (active at any speed)
  • Intelligent High Beam Control (AHS)
  • Blind Spot Detector (BSM)
  • automatic emergency braking
  • Enhanced oncoming traffic detection features
  • Traffic Sign Reader (RSA)
  • Semi-automatic autonomous parking system
  • Lane and Path Keeping Systems (LTA)
  • Low Speed ​​Acceleration Suppression

It has been built on the GA-C version of the TN-GA platform, created for hybrid and electric vehicles, increasing its connectivity and assistance capacity through a completely remodeled dashboard that has two large screens (12.3” instrument panel and 10.5” multimedia), with wireless HMI (“Human Machine Interface”) connectivity for Apple Car Play environments, although not for Android Auto, in this case a connection cable is required.

The ” Toyota Smart Connect ” services are included , which with its data collection from the cloud allows remote wireless updates, to facilitate traffic announcements, use of the browser, voice commands, etc.

The “ MyT ” mobile application is also provided, which incorporates analytical driving data, remote control functions of air conditioning and door closing, in addition to providing the location of the vehicle.

As you can see, the brand wants to improve your experience behind the wheel while improving safety. At the same time, you can complement this with your  MAPFRE Electric and Hybrid Car Insurance and customize it according to your needs and those of your new vehicle.

Hybrid engine with 4×2 or 4×4 drives

At the moment it will be offered only with a hybrid propellant (not plug-in, but self-rechargeable ), with a total combined power of 199 CV that is achieved with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine and 2 liters of displacement and combining front-wheel drive with total AWD- i .

As a novelty, it mounts a new transmission shaft , a new lithium-ion battery with greater capacity and 40% lighter , and a new lubrication system with low-viscosity oils to reduce mechanical and electrical friction.

The 4×2 offer (front-wheel drive) has a front auxiliary electric motor, and the 4×4 AWD-i variant adds a second rear electric motor that moves this axle with 42 CV of power (30.6 kW), although both provide equal total power, as well as acceleration in 8.1 seconds from standstill to 100 km/h.

The response of this hybrid system incorporated into the Corolla Cross 2022 will be much more linear and controllable in its accelerations, with a better calibration and recalibration between the acceleration pedal and the motor response, although the automatic transmission by continuous variator (e-CVT) is maintained. ) , accessing the “ECO” label of the DGT and all its advantages of using the car.

The Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 will hit the market in the fall of 2022 , with a clear goal of achieving 400,000 units sold in 2025 (the entire Corolla range), with 9% of the market in the C segment, nothing more and nothing less.

As for prices , we assume that they will move around €30,000, but they have not yet been officially communicated, they will be as the launch of the model approaches.