Fri. May 17th, 2024
What is cruise control for? Learn more about it

Cruise control, or as it is also called the system speed controller, is a device found in cars and serves to automatically regulate and maintain the speed required by the driver. So, to put it simply, cruise control is a system for maintaining a constant vehicle speed.

It is located on the steering wheel or somewhere on the instrument panel, and with the help of a switch, the driver can independently, manually increase or decrease the value, ie the speed at which he wants the car to move constantly. Learn more about BMW.

This device is especially useful on highways and roads where there is a constant speed limit, because it allows less driver fatigue, and thus more comfortable driving, regardless of the type and brand of vehicle. In addition, since there is no reduction and increase of gas, cruise control enables more rational fuel consumption.

In most cars, cruise control, which is enabled by cruise control, is carried out electronically, and one of the very good sides of this device is that you can set a temporary speed limit yourself. In this way, while driving, the cruise control prevents you from exceeding the specified speed, which is very useful if you drive through populated areas, where the limits are mostly 50 km / h.

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