Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
How to change baby's diaper step by step

We teach you how to change the baby’s diaper, one of the first tasks that you will have to master after the arrival of the new member of the family.

The question of how to change the baby’s diaper  is one of the many questions that may arise regarding the little one in the house.

The concern is not in vain, since it will be a task that you will carry out several times a day. But do not panic, you are in the right place to learn how to do it step by step.

Also, the fact that you have to change your baby’s diaper often will make you get the hang of it in no time.


Before starting to explain how to change the baby’s diaper, it is important that you know that order and foresight will be key. In this sense, you should always have clean diapers, wet wipes  and protective cream. The best thing is that you have all these items at hand, so you do not have to move while you change the diaper.

On the other hand, having a high changing table that prevents you from bending your back during the process will be comfortable and practical. Do not forget that you should never leave your baby alone on the changing table as it could fall.

If you are going to change the baby’s diaper away from home and you do not have a changing table, it is best to place it on a foldable and waterproof one, on a safe and rigid surface. This way you will avoid dirtying more than necessary.

We start with the steps to know how to change the baby’s diaper:

1. Carefully place the baby on their back on the changing table (or on a safe surface).

2. We undress him from the waist down and remove the self-adhesive tapes from the previous diaper. We lift the baby’s legs, take out the dirty diaper, close it and throw it in the trash.

3. Clean the baby’s bottom well with one or more wet wipes. For this we will have to lift his legs. For female genitalia, cleaning should always be done from front to back, that is, from the vagina to the anus, so that possible infections can be avoided. And for male genitalia, the penis should be cleaned in the same way as the folds and the rest of the diaper area. You should not try to force the separation between the foreskin and the glans, which may still take time to occur.

4. We carefully dry the area with a dry towel, paying attention to the folds of the skin.

5. We put protective cream on the skin with the intention of isolating it from the humidity that is created in the crotch and around the anus. You must spread it well and not abuse the amount.

6. We open the clean diaper and place it under the baby’s bottom. It is important to look closely at the front and at the back, paying attention to placing the bottom on the back.

7. Once we have our baby on top of the open diaper, we unfold the front part and place it in front, covering the genitals. Pay attention that the penis is pointing down so that the diaper retains the urine.

8. When the front of the diaper is at the same height as the back, wrapping around the baby’s waist, fasten it using the self-adhesive strips found on both sides of the back of the diaper.

9. We adjust well, without tightening too much but also without being loose and there may be leaks. And voila, you know how to change the baby’s diaper.

When he’s just born he may need it 8-10 times a day! So you will become a professional quickly. The fact that it is so many times implies that it feeds and processes food. The Spanish Association of Primary Care Paediatrics recommends that you take your baby to the pediatrician if she soils less than 5 diapers a day.