Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
What are the work permits for parents?

Do you want to know what the work permits for parents are? In this article we will explain the 7 that the law establishes to reconcile work and family life.

Parents also have the right to take time off from work to care for their children. These go beyond paternity leave. Do you want to know what the work permits for parents are ?

In this article we will explain the 7 that the law establishes to reconcile work and family life. You can request most work permits for parents without suffering any reduction in salary or giving up vacation days.


1. Work permit by birth

When the baby is born, parents are entitled to two days of leave, counting from the day of delivery. If this was a non-working day, it would start counting from the first working day. If the father has to travel, the leave is extended to four days.

This is what marks the Workers’ Statute in its article 37.3, but the collective agreement can mark more days (never less). This permission is paid by the company.

2. Paternity leave

It is the best known of all and more and more parents are encouraged to ask for it. Currently there can be two situations, according to which the number of days varies:

  • 5 weeks: Parents who have had a child on or after July 5, 2018 can enjoy 5 weeks of paternity leave. This increase is contemplated in the General State Budget , published in the BOE on July 4.
  • 4 weeks: Those who have been parents before July 5, 2018, even if they have not yet enjoyed paternity leave, will only be entitled to 4 weeks.

They can request it immediately after the birth, foster or adoption leave, during the mother’s maternity leave, or after that period. The days of leave must be uninterrupted and can be extended by two more days for each child from the second for multiple births or adoptions.

This paternity leave is charged to Social Security and the worker is entitled to a benefit of 100% of the contribution base that he had the month prior to the birth, adoption or fostering of the child.

In order to request this permit, the worker must have contributed for a minimum of 180 days during the 7 years immediately prior to the start date of the permit period. As an alternative, it is worth having 360 days quoted before that date.

3. Nursing leave

Not only mothers have the right to request this permission. They can give their breastfeeding permission to the father so that he can feed the baby until she is 9 months old. For this they have several options:

  • Absence of one hour per day from work each day, either consecutively or in two periods of 30 minutes.
  • Reduce the working day by half an hour.
  • Accumulate it in full days.

4. Reduction of working hours

Another of the work permits for parents is the reduction of working hours for childcare. Until the child has reached the age of 12, all parents have the right to request a reduction in working hours. That means that both moms and dads can order it.

According to the Workers’ Statute, this reduction ranges from one eighth to half of the working day. The bad thing is that the reduction in working hours implies a reduction in salary equivalent to the number of hours requested.

5. Leave of absence

Until the children have reached the age of 3, parents can request a period of leave. But it must be made clear that only during the first year will they be able to return to their original job. Afterwards, they only have the category assured, not the same job.

6. Leave for hospitalization

In the event that a child has to be hospitalized, suffers an accident, surgery or serious illness, parents have the right to enjoy two days off if they do not need to travel. When there is displacement, the permit is 4 days.

7. Premature birth leave

Parents also have the right to take one hour off work each day if their child is born prematurely and has to stay in hospital.