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The Exit Inventory & The Final State Of The Rental Contract

The exit inventory of an apartment or a house concludes the end of the contractual relationship between an owner and his tenant. Here is the essential of the procedure to follow and all there is to know for a handover of the keys in all serenity.

What is an exit report?

The exit inventory is the counterpart to the entry inventory (attached to the rental contract), carried out when the tenant enters the dwelling in the presence of the owner or the real estate agency or the co-ownership trustee who takes care of the property. This is a document which may or may not be formatted (the terms of which are provided for by decree ), aiming to accurately describe the property and its condition. In the case of furnished property, each piece of equipment must be listed and described in detail. To carry out the exit inventory, the same visit to the property and the same inventory are carried out. It is then a question of comparing the two documents and of noting the possible degradations. Also learn about nekretnine.

What are the tenant’s responsibilities?

The tenant is required to return the dwelling in the state in which it is described in the inventory of fixtures. This rule excludes normal wear and tear as well as any damage to the property due to structural or structural defects which are the responsibility of the owner.

Some advice to facilitate the inventory

For a tenant, it will be all the easier to show that one has taken care of a dwelling if it is clean: it is therefore necessary to take care of the cleaning stage. A meticulous inspection is essential by resuming the inventory of fixtures of entry; you must in particular: – Wash the surfaces – Fill in the holes: with filler applied with a spatula, which you will sand once dry – If necessary, repaint: this is sometimes the fastest option with a single-coat paint of good quality -Change the joints in the parts of water using a silicone gun -Wipe the carpet or the floors, wax the parquet -In the case of a furnished apartment: thoroughly clean all the household appliances, the furniture -Complete the housewives which would have lost elements Better to repair the

What happens after the inventory?

At the end of the exit inventory, the owner or his representative has one month to return the deposit if no damage is found. In the event of damage, the owner has two months to return this security deposit. Its decision to take part of it must be justified and supported by an estimate. In case of delay, the owner will have to pay a monthly penalty corresponding to 10% of the rent.

And in case of dispute…

If either of the parties feels aggrieved, they can appeal to the Departmental Conciliation Commission on which the accommodation depends. If, at the end of this procedure, the dispute persists, the District Court has jurisdiction.

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