Fri. May 24th, 2024
Seat Toledo - a combination of elegance and performance

The SEAT family has something in its range for everyone, from the small and agile Ibiza ready for any kind of action, through the muscular and sporty Leon ideal for fast driving, but also longer journeys, all the way to the massive Atec and family Alhambra. However, one model stands out in this family and successfully combines a large part of the characteristics of all models of this Spanish manufacturer.

To highlight its versatility and the styles it permeates, SEAT engineers describe it this way –
“Both family and business. Both sports and luxury. Both security and dynamism. Both style and attitude. And precision and elegance. Both theory and practice. ”- we are definitely talking about the new SEAT Toledo. Interesting topic to know more about auto oglasi.

Indeed, this model is able to fulfill both business and private tasks, so it imposes itself as an ideal solution for all those who always want something more from their car.

This car is a real proof that a combination of elegance and practicality is possible. Engineers have made a unique transition between a hatchback and an elegant sedan with this model, and its sharp and striking lines attract attention wherever this car appears. The practical side of the Toledo is reflected in the spacious interior and comfortable seats, which are a feature of real limousines. Its trunk will impress all family and business people who always need space. It opens like a hatchback, and the volume of 550 liters, when the rear row of seats is folded, increases to almost three times larger 1,490 liters, which can accommodate everything you need.

The exceptional intensity and sharpness of the LED lights will provide you with excellent visibility on the road, even in low visibility conditions, and its safety systems, which include airbags in addition to airbags, Automatic Braking System and ISOFIX safety system for toddlers in the back seat, will protect you in the ride.

Seat Toledo is also equipped with modern technological systems, and here we primarily mean Full Link-Technology, which connects your smartphone to the car. Thanks to this system, you will be able to make the most of your music lists, information and applications, among which Google Maps, Spotify and Skype with voice commands are certainly the most important.

Seat Toledo is now available in a SPECIAL OFFER for only 9,999 euros, which includes 1,000 euros of support through price and FREE CASCO INSURANCE in the first year!

If you want to have your Toledo in the best equipment, you can also opt for the BUSINESS PACKAGE, which includes:

  • Parking sensors
  • Comfort drive package – Cruise control – Fog lights with cornering function
  • Alloy wheels “Design” 21/2 7Jx16 “- Tires 215/45 R16
  • Leather steering wheel and transmission
  • Winter package – Seat heaters – Washing lights with sprinkler heaters

SEAT Toledo with BUSINESS PACKAGE can be yours for the price of 11,999 euros, and the SEAT dealer will offer you two financing options:

-interest-free financial leasing with 30-35% participation for 2 to 3 years

– lease with 1,000 euros of support through the price and free comprehensive insurance in the first year

Change direction. Drive a SEAT.

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