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How to know if a mobile is stolen and what you should check before buy

If you are thinking of getting a mobile and doubt if it is stolen, at Cash Converters we teach you how to know if a mobile is stolen and what you should look for.

Buying a second-hand mobile phone has the advantage that you can get models from the latest generation to some older ones, for much less than the usual price and even in perfect condition. But of course, the fear of knowing if a mobile is stolen or not can make us hesitate before buying it. Are you looking for your cracked screen repaired by ifixscreens in USA?

To avoid this type of unpleasant surprises, at Cash Converters all products (including mobile phones) go through strict police control and any fault they have is also located (if it doesn’t work, don’t buy it).

Methods to know if a mobile is stolen :

  • Check the IMEI in the database of stolen mobiles
  • Try to make a call with the phone
  • Request documentation and/or original packaging

Check the IMEI in the database of stolen mobiles 

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit numerical code for each mobile (something like your ID). This number is used to identify your device when it connects to the network to make calls and will be the main key to know if a mobile is stolen. Know more about cracked screen repair services in New York City.

When a phone is stolen and reported to the police or phone company, its IMEI is recorded in different global databases in most cases, so checking the phone’s IMEI against these lists can be a good idea. first filter to know if a mobile is stolen.

How to know the IMEI of your phone

With the phone unlocked you have to dial *#06# as if you were going to call that code. As soon as you finish dialing it, the IMEI code will appear on the screen, this is the number that you have to write down.

Another way to know the IMEI for Android phones only is to go to Settings > About phone > IMEI. Keep in mind that this method may vary a bit depending on the version of Android your phone has, but in most cases it will be as we have explained or very similar.

If your phone is an iPhone to know the IMEI you will have to go to Settings> General> About and you will be able to see the code on the screen. Another way is to look for it literally in the small print on the lower back of the mobile (only for Iphones of model 6 or higher) or in the SIM memory tray (only in models 6 or lower) (More information)

On older phones or basic models, when you remove the battery you will hopefully be able to find a white sticker with the IMEI code printed on it. Although this could not be very reliable either since they could have faked it.

Finally, if the seller has the original box of the mobile , on the back of it you can find a small sticker or serigraph with the IMEI of the mobile. But be careful once again, especially with high-end phones, this code may not match the original, so it is always advisable to check it.

IMEI databases of stolen mobiles

Once you have the phone’s IMEI code, you can enter it in different specialized phone databases known as blacklists, to find out if a mobile is stolen. The problem is that not all stolen mobile IMEIs are registered in all databases, and even not all these databases are shared internationally.

Of all the IMEI databases, the most reliable are the International Numbering Plans, we could consider it the most official and widespread. In addition to this, we can find pages like Imei24 Blacklist Check () or the DoctorSim function Check Mobile Imei () that in both cases will tell us if the mobile has been declared stolen when entering its IMEI.

In the event that the phone is an Apple you still have one more alternative that, in addition to telling you if it is a stolen phone, will give you more information about the features and guarantees of the phone. To do this, you just have to access Apple technical support and indicate the IMEI of the iPhone in question.

Try to make a call with the phone

Another very simple method to know if a mobile is stolen is to try to call with it. In the event that this telephone has been reported as stolen , you will not be able to make calls since it will be blocked . To do this, insert a SIM card in the mobile and try to make a call with it or, on the contrary, call that number. If the telephone has been stolen, reported and therefore blocked, a voice will sound indicating that calls are restricted .

Request the documentation and/or the original packaging

If the person who sells us the phone does not have the original box, a copy of the guarantee if they have it or even worst of all, does not make us an invoice where certain return guarantees are assured, we should be suspicious.

The case of the second-hand purchase receipt is especially important since it may be the case that the phone is reported stolen after you get hold of it, leaving it totally useless. It is in these cases when, with your proof of having bought the phone, you should claim the person you bought it from and demand responsibilities.

If you are looking for a reliable second-hand mobile with a 2-year guarantee, we invite you to discover our catalog with the latest mobile models and enjoy not only the best price, but also the security of buying in our stores.

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