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Get to know what’s new from Volkswagen: its new ID.5 and its sports variant ID.5 GTX. New members of its electric range with an SUV Coupé format that come from the previous design of the ID.4, but with a very stylish dynamic touch.

This Volkswagen ID.5 is a step forward in the brand’s strategy in terms of electrification of its ranges (” Accelerate “), also introducing a new ID software. 3.0 with significant improvements in charging performance and adding voice control (“Hello ID”) with access to online information from the cloud and learning capabilities, among many other things. Know more about Mercedes benz ce class ne shitje.

The new Volkswagen ID.5 GTX debuts a new electric technology on this compact SUV Coupé that directly unfolds the ID.4, and has been developed on the same MEB modular platform , but generating a new image loaded inside and out with an interesting interpretation of the future.

It is evident that the development of the new ID.5 has been carried out from the ID.4, maintaining its length of 4.60 m and with a wheelbase of 2.77 m , although incorporating different bumpers, painted door panels and a significant fall from the rear pillar that makes you lose only 1.2 cm of free height to the ceiling in the rear seats.

The ID.5 GTX variant loses 2 cm in length (4.58 m) , in this way, both models achieve a really low aerodynamic drag coefficient ( Cx 0.26 for the ID.5 and Cx 0.27 for the ID.5 gtx ).

This good aerodynamic level increases the efficiency of the model, as well as collaborates in its autonomy (around 500 km) , with the help of a small rear spoiler to channel the air flow coming from the roof, in the same way that it mounts intakes of front air vents to cool the whole and that only open when needed.

Inside, it repeats the minimalist aesthetic of the ID.4 dashboard, with its “Digital Cockpit” instrument panel, head-up Display with augmented reality (which is optional) and a large high-resolution central screen.

Designed for 5 seats with a generous 549-litre boot , it offers interior lighting in up to 30 possible colors, with highly variable materials depending on each finish and with perforated logos on the upper part of the seat backs.

VOLKSWAGEN ID.5 Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters












Very slim and fluid design

Its short overhangs together with the large air intake that is expressed with its sharp optical groups give it a particularly dynamic image that is completed with a great personality at its rear with its spoiler and its new three-dimensional LED pilot lights that are standard on the model.

The front is very similar to that of its brother ID.4 GTX , although the ID.5 has been fitted with well-sized 21” wheels , achieving a much more elegant and stylized overall shape that, without a doubt, offers interesting accesses from customers for its attractive and modern aesthetics.

Its IQ.Light LED matrix optical groups generate very efficient intelligent lighting and are unified by a light strip that is divided by the Volkswagen logo, repeating the same front horizontality at the rear with a very attractive LED light strip, which provides a feeling of width of the model and attracts all eyes in its path.

500 km of autonomy with all-wheel drive

The new Volkswagen ID.5 already includes the acronym GTX, which is indicative of the new sportier versions of the brand. This version is guaranteed with great power that comes from the two electric motors it mounts (one for each axle), providing very sporty performance thanks also to its all-wheel drive.

In the absence of more detailed information and confirmation from the brand, it is logical to think that the ID.5 will have the three engines of its brother ID.4 with 174, 204 and 306 CV (125, 150 and 225 kW), the last being the one that corresponds to the GTX variant with all-wheel drive and its two motors mounted on each axle (instead of the single rear motor of the ID.5).

In any case, it has a battery with a net capacity of 77 kW/h that has been located between the two axles to allow full use of the interior capacity and that provides a range of up to 497 km (WLTP).

The battery can be charged with a Mode 3 cable with up to 11 kW in alternating current and up to 135 kW in a fast charging point.

Some new content

The new Volkswagen ID.5 GTX is a fully connected vehicle that can receive all its software updates online .

It also has the “ Car2X ” inter-vehicle communication technology that, using swarm intelligence data and state-of-the-art driving assistance systems, allows the new Volkswagen ID.5 to interact with road infrastructure signals in a range of action of up to 800 meters, thus allowing the driver to be alerted about dangerous areas, stopped traffic, accidents, etc., thus already taking a big step towards the autonomous driving of the future .

Superior levels of comfort and grip have been guaranteed in the new ID.5 , by incorporating the new “ Vehicle Dynamics Manager ” system that performs a network connection of the chassis, 4-wheel drive and driving control systems, reinforcing this aspect with an “ Adaptive DCC Chassis ” (optional) that guarantees optimal driving dynamics.

Of course, the new Volkswagen ID.5 GTX has energy retention systems for deceleration and braking through the gear selector in its “B” position, and it comes in three finishes : ” Pro ” (174 hp), ” Pro Performance ” (204 hp) and “ GTX ” (306 hp).

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The retail prices are as follows, not including discounts, promotions or institutional aid):

Volkswagen ID.5 P.V.P.
Pro (174 CV) 48,980 €
Pro performance (204 CV) 50.550 €
GTX (306 CV) 55.370 €