Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
Do you let the children choose their clothes? Why it is important to respect

Between 12 months and two years, children begin to develop their own tastes when it comes to clothing , indicating the colors, combinations, textures and garments they prefer, according to their personality.

If we allow them to choose their own clothes , we will be showing them that we take into account their decisions and that we support their way of being. But in addition to this, the fact that children can decide how to dress has great benefits in their development.

We tell you what they are and how we can achieve a balance between their tastes and their needs.

What are the benefits for children of choosing their own clothes?

Promotes your autonomy

The fact that children can choose their own clothes is a great lesson in autonomy that we should not miss. Let’s remember that they learn by imitation, so if we make it easy for them, they will tend to do the same thing they see adults do.

But for this, it is important to arrange their wardrobe , so that they not only have easy access to all the clothes, but also that they are stored in a logical order that the child understands, to facilitate the ability to dress on their own.

Promotes your learning

Being able to choose their own clothes is also an excellent lesson in learning about daily care and hygiene routines, but also about the housework they have to do at home .

Because the moment they learn to be responsible for their own clothes, they assume that they must take care of it, store it properly when it is taken off or take it to wash when necessary.

express their individuality

All people have the need and the right to express themselves freely according to their tastes without fear of being rejected, and children, of course, too.

But in addition, the fact of being able to choose and decide on their own image helps them express their individuality, makes them feel older, makes them more determined people and helps them enhance their creativity .

Your self-esteem is boosted

The simple gesture of being able to choose their own clothes will make children feel safer , happier and more confident, and this can have a positive impact on the image of themselves that they will have in adolescence .

And it is that for a child it is essential to feel respected in their decisions and that parents give them confidence so that they can do things, showing them our support when they need it and respecting their choice.

What should we consider?

But it is not about children doing everything on their own without any rules or limits . Adults must supervise their choices and explain to them the social norms or climatic imperatives that make a piece of clothing appropriate (or not) in a given context, situation or moment.

These are some tips that we can put into practice to achieve the balance between what they want and what they really need:

  • At first, we can leave them free to choose small details of their clothing , such as accessories, footwear… and as they gain autonomy and are able to understand the limitations that exist, we will give them more freedom in their choice.
  • Another suggestion is to let them choose between several clothing options that we have previously pre -selected .
  • Parents can be by your side at the time of the election (at least the first few times) to advise or suggest if you wish, encourage you and lend our help when you ask us .
  • We must bear in mind that the rhythm of life of children is very different from that of adults, so if we normally go in a hurry in the morning, it is best to ask the child to choose their clothes the night before and leave them prepared in a chair or gallant so that the next day you can dress yourself, without pressure and without wasting time choosing clothes.
Ultimately, within limits, allowing children to decide what clothes to wear helps them to express their individuality, to take responsibility for their bodies and their care, and to feel respected in their decisions.