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The decade has just ended and we are entering the year 2020. The opportunity to look back on the trends that have marked real estate over the past ten years. From workspace layouts to new work organizations and sustainable development, discover the five trends of the last decade.


One of the trends to have most marked the decade is coworking. This concept imported from the United States has exploded in France in recent years. It was in 2008 that the first coworking space “La Cantine” (today Numa) opened its doors in France. Since then, WeWork, Kwerk, Wojo and other Morning Coworking have opened in the four corners of France. In Ile-de-France, the volume of coworking spaces has continued to increase . From 40,000 m² in 2016 to more than 100,000 m² in 2018. Learn more about nekretnine.


After Open-Space, the business world has seen the appearance of a new trend: that of Flex-Office. A new layout of workspaces that allows employees to settle where they want depending on the project. But also, to benefit from collaborative workspaces but also quieter areas for an individual mission. The Flex-Office brought with it more digitization in the building , the possibility of connecting and working from any place.


In terms of sustainable development, practices in the construction industry have evolved significantly over the past decade. An evolution driven in particular by quality brands such as BREEAM, HQE, BBC… From now on, good practices in terms of sustainable development are becoming widespread. Quality brands are no longer just a guarantee of a good image, performance indicators are established and monitored.


Between becoming aware of the problems linked to stress at work, the need to retain talent and reaffirming the importance of a balance between professional and personal life, the company has sought to promote the well-being of its employees during of the last decade. “ Well  has become the watchword for real estate players. They focused a lot of effort on developing new services in the building. From now on, sports hall, cafeteria, lounge area, nap room, left-luggage office and other services are an integral part of office buildings.


The importance of promoting a balance between professional and personal life has also encouraged the development of teleworking. A timid breakthrough at the start of the decade which accelerated from 2017 with the so-called “Macron” ordinance which relaxed the legal regime for telework. The first feedback on this new organization of work is very positive  : reduction in time spent in transport, increase in productivity and flexibility, improvement in the quality of life of employees, etc.

Interest in these five trends has evolved over the past ten years as shown in the following graphs which illustrate Google search trends . In recent months, Coliving has also made its appearance in the real estate landscape.


Coworking Google queries are almost non-existent in 2010 and increased to over 200,000 in 2019 (Google Adwords data)

Discover the graphic evolution of this search over the decade (Google trends data):

Flex Office

This new way of working where offices are no longer assigned attracts searches on Google where we are on average at around 1900 monthly searches (Google Ads data)

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies have for some years taken into account the importance of managing environmental and social impacts in their activities. In 2019, more than 49,000 monthly searches on Google.

Smart Building

With changing ways of working, companies are looking for “hyperconnected” buildings able to accommodate the services of today and tomorrow. Their goals? Improve their performance ,  user comfort , as well as the  control of real estate costs .

More than 1300 google searches in France for the keywords Smart Building in 2019!

  • Telework
  • Co-living
  • Co-living

Today, Coliving is a new trend that is emerging: to be followed over the next decade. You can now download our Coliving  study

What does the next decade hold? Will coworking last? How will teleworking evolve? What will be the new development trends? So many questions that five experts will soon answer on the CBRE blog.

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